Thermal conductive silica gel is a high-end thermal conductive compound, and the characteristics of non-solidification and non-conductivity can avoid risks such as circuit short circuit.

2019-03-15 1183
Thermal conductive silica gel is a high-end thermal conductive compound, and will not solidify, conductive characteristics can avoid such risks as circuit short circuit. Thermal conductive bonding silicone rubber is a single component, thermal conductive, room temperature curable silicone bonding sealant.
It is through condensation reaction of moisture in air that low molecular weight is released to cause cross-linking and curing, and then vulcanized into high performance elastomer. It has excellent cold and hot alternation resistance, aging resistance and electrical insulation performance. It also has excellent anti-moisture, anti-seismic, anti-corona, anti-leakage and anti-chemical properties. Sustainable use - 60 ~280 C and maintain performance. It does not swell and has good adhesion to most metal and non-metal materials. It can be used for electronic components.
Performance advantages
1. Scope of thermal conductivity and stability
2. Bridging process tolerance in structure, reducing process tolerance requirement of radiator and radiator components
3. EMC, Insulation Performance
Thermal conductive silica gel has high thermal conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, wide operating temperature, good stability, low consistency and good construction performance.
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