831 sheepskin adhesive also has good adhesion to organic glass, rubber, metal, bamboo wood, fabric and paper.

2019-03-15 1112
It can bond transparent or white plastic products such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ABS, nylon, sponge, film, foam, etc.
It also has good adhesion to plexiglass, rubber, metal, bamboo wood, fabric and paper, especially to plastic and metal, non-metallic materials, cross-bonding and cloth and non-metallic crystal, etc. It is an ideal bonding material for household appliances industry, radio industry, decoration, packaging and printing industries.  
Typical applications: sheepskin lampshade bonding, acrylic and metal bonding, fabric bonding, plastic bonding
The surface of the adhesives should be clean and dry. Oil contaminants and other substances can be cleaned by gasoline and other solvents. The glue can be applied to the surface of the two adhesives evenly, wait for 3-6 minutes (after non-phthalocyanine is adhesively dried). The two adhesives should be aligned and bonded. The adhesive surface should be tightened by a slight pressure. It can be placed for several hours, and the bonding strength can be reached after 48 hours.
Material with high bonding requirements for metals and hard plastics can be wooled by tools such as iron sand skin. The effect of two coatings (once coated and then glued for several minutes and then for a second time, slightly dry and close) is better.
Matters needing attention
If the colloid is thick, the product can be blended with appropriate amount of ethyl acetate as diluent. The factory can prepare special adhesives according to customersrequirements for different materials.
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