Acrylic glue is a solvent-based acrylic glue adhesive, which is used in PS/PMMA/ABS/PC and other materials, mainly in plastic toys, plastic craft products, etc.

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Adhesion details 1. All acrylic adhesives can corrode the surface of acrylic board and leave traces that are difficult to eliminate. Therefore, the non-adhesive parts can be protected by sticking non-adhesive.
2. Oil, dust or stomata will be difficult to uniformly coat and leave bubbles, so spears must be removed before bonding.
3. If the amount of adhesives is too small, the shrinkage of the adhesives will be brought into the air.
4. Direct blowing will whiten the edges of the bonding surface due to the rapid volatilization of the bonding agent.
5. Indoor temperature, temperature and other factors also have a certain impact on the adhesion of acrylic board.
6. The stress on the surface of acrylic plate and the surface stress and degradants caused by cutting tools will affect the bonding effect of acrylic plate.
7. Long-term direct sunlight irradiation before the adhesives can not be completely cured will cause yellowing of acrylic products to varying degrees, which will seriously affect the aesthetics of acrylic products.  
Matters needing attention
1. It is better to wear knitted gloves or rubber gloves and use glue to avoid accidental dirty hands.
2. Clean the skin with soap when it touches, and it wont hurt your hands in general. If your eyes are touched carelessly, rinse them with plenty of water immediately. If you are serious, please see a doctor in an emergency.
3. Acrylic glue water vapor has a little irritation, please keep ventilation in the workplace when used in large quantities.
4. When there are a lot of leaks, open the window to ventilate for a certain time, and then clean it with sponge cloth.
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