What is anaerobic gum? What are the uses of anaerobic adhesives?

2019-03-15 1117
Anaerobic adhesives are also known as anaerobic adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, threaded adhesives and mechanical adhesives. It does not solidify when it is in contact with oxygen or air. Once it is isolated from air, it rapidly polymerizes into a cross-linked solid polymer.
The so-called "anaerobic" means that the gel does not need oxygen when used.
Anaerobic adhesives have unique curing characteristics of anaerobic adhesives, which can be used in locking, sealing, fixing, bonding, plugging and so on.
Anaerobic adhesive has become an indispensable liquid tool in mechanical industry. It is widely used in aerospace, military industry, automobile, machinery, electronics, electrical and other industries.
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