Zhongshan Yongxin Adhesive Technology Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Yongxin Rubber Industry is a professional adhesive manufacturer integrating production, research and development and sales. The company established a thousand years in 2001; The products are sold at home and abroad; The products cover silicone, epoxy resin, instant rubber, UV rubber, anaerobic acrylic rubber, thermal conductive silicone grease and hanging board glue for Department stores, glass glue, AB glue, etc. They are widely used in LED lighting, hardware and jewelry lighting, electronic and electrical products, printing, electronics, furniture, crafts, jewelry, glass craft, glass craft, etc. Metal, plastic toys, wood, ceramic garment accessories, product decoration, gift packaging, leather and other industries.
the product has a strong competitive advantage in the market and has laid a solid guarantee of confidence.
the company has a number of professional teams, a strong sales network and perfect quality management, to provide customers with a full range of pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales services, as well as technical advice and training.  
Credit management is our eternal purpose, and striving for perfection is our consistent pursuit. We hope to meet the needs of users from all walks of life with the best product quality, the best price and the best service.  
Consistently adhere to the concept of "user first" service, starting from professional and technical services, we have gradually established a complete, advanced management level, efficient and standardized operation of the service guarantee system.

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